At Statia(Sint Eustatius)

After 21 hours trip starting from Berlin we arrived to the island on Friday evening. One pice of our baggage hadn’t arrived (the most important with antennas poles) but we got it the day after. During Saturday and Sunday we erected all transmition antennas and beverages with temperature around 33C. Since Monday we are working full power on bands 160m to 17m CW, SSB & FT8.

Here isn’t propagation on the upper 3 bands so far. At the moment we have about 11 000 QSO. We don’t sleep to much working all time on bands. Wlodek SP6EQZ is getting ready for CQWW on 40m SO. We have excellent location with full openning to the main directions. We are working hard to get some QSOs on 160m with JA.

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