PJ5 Dxpedition comes to the end

Our mini dxpedition to PJ5 comes to the end rapidly. There are 3 days left only. So far there is above 22 500 QSOs in both logs. Despite we are tired we are working very hard to satisfy every one needs. Despie of nearly on line logs on Clublog many station is calling us several times on the same band the some mode which slow down our operation. Please don’t do it and take respect on others stations wich still need us. Our QTH is located in very remote place so we don’t have any local interferencies. There is the high power solar plant with power about 6 MW which provides energy to the whole island. It is located about 300 m away from us but we don’ t have any interferencies from it. Our beverages to JA and EU are long enough to get good reception from both directions. Our plot is fenced around but more smart animals like goats and sheeps are jumping above the fence and making some problems to our antennas. Few days ago one goat eating the grass touched one of the our antenna radials and was shocked by HF energy, She survived and it was nothing to eat for us. A chickens are so hangry and tame that thy eat us the meal out of our plate. TB propagation is suppraising good, the same time we can hear EU , US, Canada and UA stations but we have no more strenght to work on the band on this period of the day. We have the only one QSO on TB with JA so far. Looking forward for more. We had worked with about 30 JA station on 80 m before our sunrise yesterday with good reports.

The survived goat

PJ5 antennas switch board

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